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How to write a good essay | Best Essay writing Guide

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We all agree that essay writing is a rather cumbersome affair. Essays are, on the other hand, often assigned for homework and assignments. 

Since you can’t alter or change the academic requirements, it becomes important to ask the question, WHAT NEXT? That is why we developed this informative guide just for you.

Table of contents

  • 10 Tips on writing a superior essay
  • Writing An Essay conclusion Paragraph
  • Essay Sources. How to work around them
  • Writing an essay introduction paragraph
  • The various Types of Essays
  • The common formatting styles of Essays
  • Constructing the main body of an essay
  • How to write an essay summary
  • The various mistakes made during Essay writing
  • Tips on writing Superior Essays


Usually, working your way up the academic ladder can be a tiresome task. However, with these ten most important steps, essay writing can be a walk in the park.

1. Choose a Topic for the Essay

Your Tutor may provide you with a topic to write about. However, in the case that he doesn’t, you have the full autonomy to choose a topic that you love and are comfortable with

 2. Research on the topic

The next step requires you to dig deep into the gist of your essay. Regardless of the topic you choose, you shall always find related material from educational specialists and other periodicals that will enhance your Essay

3. Allow yourself to reflect

Most of the best ideas take time. Before starting, always look at the required materials in a wider perspective that will enable you to easily personalize the essay. Have some tea and cake while at it!

4. Formulate your thoughts

Clearly outlining your essay according to the required subject matter is among the necessary steps of writing an essay. The outline will require that you creatively provide a detailed and well summarized essay. make important use of keywords and references as well.

5. The Thesis statement is the heart of the Essay

The Thesis statement sets the mood for the essay. It, therefore, has to be understandable, simple and easily exhaustible. 

6. Commence Essay Writing

Now you are ready to write the best essay. Introduce your work and subsequently move to the body. Finally, provide a summary of what you have written in a brief conclusion.

7. Overworking is the enemy of perfection

Seriously, put your essay aside and do something else. You can take a stroll or a nap to easily get you thinking again.

8. Get Feedback

Two heads are better than one. Take note of the unnecessary phrases and delete them. Get a third eye through consulting your friends, family members or colleagues. 

9. Proofread

Analyze the content of your essays. Ensure that you can easily read through it and carefully follow through. Use the dictionary as a reference to root out the unnecessary phrases  for purposes of perfection

10. The final Bow

After you have fully exhausted the points and are sure about the essay in question, Write a final draft that will effectively reveal what you are passing across. Go through it again, for all time’s sake!

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An open ended essay leaves a lot to ponder on on the side of the reader. Therefore, it is important to consider a good conclusion paragraph that will help the readers get the overview of their readings. 

Through the conclusion, you should carefully remind the readers on why you came up with the given content. and what they will get from it. Bearing in mind that the audience will greatly remember the conclusion than any other part of the paper, then it becomes necessary to consider important conclusion Dos and Donts.



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