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THE BEST ESSAY WRITING GUIDE: How to write Superior Essays

Despite the famous declaration of Shakespeare that “the pen is more mighty than the sword!” it cannot undo the fact that a good essay comes from a tedious and laborious process on the side of the writer. Therefore, Essay writing is not a walk in the park for the writers. It involves various vocabulary considerations into determining what is needed and what not to be included.

What is an Essay?

An essay is a short descriptive piece of writing that outlines a writer’s story or perspective. The word “Essay” is a derivative of the Latin word ‘exagium’, that closely alludes to the presentation of one’s work through thorough examination coupled with determination. An essay is, therefore, based on individual ideas or ideas acquired through understanding of a given subject. Essays can be as short as 1 page and can be as long as 50 pages and more.

How to write an Essay

The way in which one writes an essay depends on the purpose of writing the paper. However, the basic structure of the essay is usually the same regardless of the subject matter. Following is a guide to writing a good essay.

Deciding on the topic

With regards to the topic of the essay, there may be two scenarios that an essay writer faces.

1. Topic has been assigned

In the case where the writer has a static essay title, he or she may need to have other factors ready before jumping to the next step.

It is important to think about the type of essay needed. Is the essay focus on the topic? Or should it fully focus on the general overview surrounding the title? If the topic is general, then it will be easier to proceed to the next step. However, in the case that the essay is specific, it will be prudent to conduct more research to focus on the narrower topic.

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Creating an Outline for the Essay

Most essays, regardless of what they aim at expressing have a similar outline ideas. They include an introduction, body of the essay and the conclusion.

The introduction consists of a group of sentences that are aimed at capturing the attention of the reader. The introduction also contains a one sentence thesis statement that states the intention of writing the essay.

Next is the Body, which constitutes the main ideas as brought out in the essay. Usually, the body has paragraphs that contains ideas separated from each other. To conclude the ideas are various supporting evidences that ensure consistence in the delivery of the Essay.

Finally, the outline of the essay includes the conclusion. The conclusion usually restates the thesis statement followed by an insightful statement whose main purpose is to conclude the essay.

Coming up with the Thesis Statement

What is a Thesis Statement?

During the process of writing a essay or research paper, it should contain a certain plot that will help the reader understand its purpose or message. The plot represents the argument brought forth throughout the paper. Therefore, the thesis statement is the sentence that brings out the argument of the paper by bringing out the main idea.

How and where do I write a thesis statement?

The thesis statement usually comes way early in the paper, during the introduction. during the process of writing the thesis statement, it is important to consider the analysis of the topic with regard to merely rewriting the topic. Thus, it will help to fully write about what is going to be discussed in the essay in a systematic way as shown in the thesis statement example below:

Wrong Thesis: Democracy is the best form of governance
Corrected Thesis: By considering the issues of politics, Economic and social disparities, it is safe to argue that democracy is the best form of governance
Examples of a thesis statement

What are the 4 types of essays?

Determining the type of essay mainly lies in the need to know the intentions of the writer of the essay. essay writing has become an important part of classwork assignments. Thus, with the instructions given, essays can either be persuasive, expository, descriptive and Narrative.

Narrative Essays

What are narrative essays?

These essays are usually written with the aim of telling a story. Although the process of writing narratives may sound easy, most of the students find it hard to write about their lives or themselves. Due to the personal attachment between the writer and the story being narrated, the use of “I” makes it easy for the readers to easily relate to what is being narrated.

Descriptive Essay

What is a descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is all about describing a topic of study. The essay aims to summarize certain issues that regards to the topic. In that regard, it is not possible to collect other people’s opinions to write descriptive essays. That mostly applies to the process of writing an augmentative Essays

During the process of writing a descriptive essay, there are various issues to take into consideration. Some include:

  • Event – It is important to note whether you are describing activities that happened at some time in the past or are to take place in the future. Certain events that can be described include a vacation, a wedding ceremony or even a tour of Europe
  • Human Essay – The type of Essay greatly borrows from the ability to describe what takes place around a person. Although it is quite hard to read a person, various factors like appearances, moods and qualities of a person can be subject to description

You can almost describe anything through the descriptive essay. In that regard, it will help to make the descriptive essays stand out through artistic and official approaches

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expository Essay

What are expository Essays?

To expose is to lay bare for whatever reason. Therefore, expository essays are meant to explain or clarify situations that could have been read differently in other circumstances.By illustrating something to the reader, the expository essays brings out acts of investigations, arguments and even evaluation for purposes of clarification. Expository essays are different from argumentative essays as they have neutrality coupled with objectivity.

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persuasive Essay

What is a Persuasive Essay?

Persuasive essays are essays that contain essential convincing techniques aimed at the reader. The persuasive essays take different stands through which they can easily convince the reader to follow through prove that the other side being harmful or not beneficial.

Persuasion is done for the purpose of convincing the reader to consider certain ways and factors. In most cases, when one is convinced about a certain way to follow, it becomes difficult to change it as it is taken as the gospel truth. Therefore, persuasive essays brings out a different picture through facts and figures that is aimed at changing the person to take a different approach. Therefore, persuasive essays are meant to convince the reader to take a certain step so that the world can be a better place for them.

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