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#5 best guiding steps on how to write a good thesis for a research paper

What is the Thesis?

A thesis is mostly defined as the most vital concept in different aspects of writing. It mainly majors on the ideas for your writing; it’s your viewpoint or insight or argument condensed into one or more sentences that depicts your main view to the reader. It is imperative to the reader as it shows them the primary evidence of the essay, on the other hand, it assists the writer to identify the type of support relevant for the paper and may also show a logical structure for the evidence provided. It is therefore apparent that a thesis is generally what an argument or a claim is trying to prove. It entails different pieces of evidence, and it reports the facts only.


We have outlined on how to write a thesis statement. Even if the guide does not help you enough, our Custom Thesis writing team is always on standby to ensure that they deliver a good thesis paper that will provide you with the grades that you desire.

How do You Write a Good Thesis?

A good thesis is written as follows:

Step one: Do not Repeat or Paraphrase the Question.

 A good student or writer always analyze the research question critically, and they come up with a logical answer to the research question. Rather than just repeating the subject, one should define the terms in the research question. This demonstrates your understanding of the problem and the related texts.

Step two: Do not write Ambiguous Terms

One is advised not to use words and expressions with low modality while writing a thesis. In most cases, the learners have the notion that “they know nothing” to do with uncertainty. Instead of using words like “might” or “may” one can use some words like “will” or “shall.” Using the above verbs shows that you are confident and sure in your proposition.

Step three: Use one or two sentences if possible

In most cases, the term thesis statement can be a bit confusing. When most people hear about the “statement” what comes in mind is a sentence. The two terms are not synonyms as many think. It is advisable to add a second sentence to further elaborate on your first sentence. It is essential to explain the logic of your claim in a thesis, rather than to outline an argument. However, when writing a thesis, one can write as long as he or she pleases. One can write up to 80 pages, and this indicates that the thesis has no definite size.

Step four: Stick to the Question Asked

Many are the times when the writers respond to the thesis they have formulated rather than the one answering the research question. However, this is mostly seen in the writers who prefer “generic” essays and twist them to fit in a subject or answer the research question. Therefore, when one is looking for dissertation help, it is important to consider only the relevant sources.

Step five: Practice

When one wants to be a good writer of a thesis, it does not just happen miraculously. One needs to write many of them as a way of practicing. Essay writing is something that requires an investment of many hours for one to become a guru. It is just like any other game whereby you need a lot of practice for you to be perfect. When I want to write my essay, I usually take a couple of hours to come up with the best thesis statement.

How Long Should a Thesis be?

Thesis statements go hand in hand with dissertation and essay writing. Therefore, a thesis can be long enough to satisfy the needs of the author and the reader and as well as to cover the contents of the dissertation paper. There is no limit attached to its size. The length is also determined by some factors like the evidence used to support the argument. The research level conducted by the learner as well as the complexity of specialization can also affect the length of the thesis. When a student is writing a thesis, he or she needs dissertation help from the professor.

Example of Good and Bad Theses Statements

•    Bad: Every
person should exercise. This thesis statement is bad because other questions
are arising like; why should I exercise?
•    Good:
Americans should exercise frequently and routinely to keep their bodies fit and
healthy and reduce diseases that are associated with lack of enough exercise
like high blood pressure. 

It is apparent that the second thesis statement is not too general. It points out some of the main areas to be discussed in the paper. Generally, a thesis statement should not be too vague. It should include some of the vital areas to be addressed as evidence and support for the research question.

How to Develop a Research Thesis

The research thesis is not very different from the non-research essay. The main difference is that the research thesis gathers evidence from appropriate, viable and academic sources. For the research thesis, one should gather ideas and information categorically. One should, therefore, focus on the main ideas rather than the length and the sources to be used. The primary step is to come up with an answer that best answers the research question.

A yes or no answer should not answer a good research thesis. When you want to formulate a good argument, you can consult any online website offering dissertation writing services or the professor if you are a learner. Essay writing requires some special skills and tactics to come up with an expected response to the question asked. Essay writing is not just like any other writing, as it requires a thesis statement which should be well formulated to answer the question. A good thesis should, therefore, give an overview of your argument and how you plan to argue.

It requires a lot of focus to formulate a thesis and to answer the research question. That is why the superior essay writing service has a dedicated group of writers ready to handle all your thesis writing. In the case the guide does not offer the full requirements for you to complete your assignments, panic not for our custom thesis writing service offers affordable services that will ensure better grades for you.

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